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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Strategy Lab

Our Strategy Lab researches and translates insights and ideas that offer real impact by capturing, developing, and applying cutting-edge thinking from within and beyond business. Working with leading academics, external collaborators, and partners, we explore ideas that will shape the public-private sector strategies of tomorrow. The Strategy Lab is determined to understand the forces that will shape strategies in the decade ahead and push new research forward to address fundamental questions such as, what are the unanswered questions in strategy? What is the modern concept of competitive advantage in private-public sector organizations? What are the drivers of sustainable development and new and emerging business concepts? And What is the future of Strategy?

The Strategy Lab is an executive, exclusive, and growing community of heads of private-public sector organizations, entrepreneurs, political leaders, and government officials committed to learning and executing strategies that positively impact sustainable development.

Advisory Service

The private and public sector organizations face a complex and ever-changing global environment that requires them to change and transform themselves to remain relevant and competitive continuously. Our tailor-made advisory services are a partner of choice to assist international and local clients and governments in designing, managing, and executing lasting change based on trusted relationships, deep industry knowledge, and professional experience.

Our service offerings are designed to reflect client priorities and help our clients transform their businesses by working with them closely until the end of the project. We provide clients with joined-up services across the project continuum, from validating the strategy and assessing options through evaluating and executing to making the project successful and realizing value. Our consulting service offerings focus on key client processes that help design, manage and execute lasting change throughout the business life cycle.

The Data Hub

Africa is currently the only emerging market continent in the world with the ability for rapid growth. Yet African institutions need to offer training to private and public sector organizations to navigate sustainable development challenges. Elite Acme Consultancy provides opportunities through a data-driven agenda to train government officials, captains of industries, heads of non-state actors, and employees at various levels of current developmental strategies in a world of transformational changes. Executive training in public policies, international relations, crowdfunding, business, and marketing strategies is crucial. Elite Acme Consultancy fills this vacuum by providing a Data Hub with data and research materials from various cases across the globe.

The Hub assists as a contrarian resource hub in developing sustainable strategies for individual organizations and empowering clients and practitioners.

Data Intelligence

  • Research and development
  • Coaching and training
  • Monitoring and evaluations

The Crowdfunding Hub

The world of funding in the 21st century has reduced, and the private-public sector organizations, political parties, companies, and entrepreneurs need to look at alternative funding mechanisms. Our Crowdfunding Hub helps our clients source funding from the crowd through different platforms. We train our clients on crowdfunding campaign planning, budgeting, financial planning, marketing and promotions planning, and campaign handling.

Media and Technical Services

Our media and technical team hosts opinion pieces, analyses, and artistic commentary on global affairs by a cross-section of people of different religious and cultural traditions, genders, and languages. It helps promote information sharing, engage the public in constructive debate, and build networks and awareness of the socio-economic and political affairs of the world.